We are an innovative company that produces educational alternative content based on the concern and understanding of the visual impaired.


How do you think about equal access information of the visually impaired?

Less than 2%. Alternative contents

There is a boy who tried to read a book. The visually impaired person challenges in the everyday lives. I think the most serious problem is the book on the education.
Amount of alternative contents for the visually impaired is less than 2% of eBooks.
The reason is very simple.
It takes a long time to make a Braille book for the visually impaired.

6 months. Long time for the book

When visually impaired university students apply for a braille book, the semester ends when they received a braille book. Because it is a manual production system and it is processed by request for last 15 years.
But what about us?
We can access much information with the smartphone in everywhere and anytime. But, the visually impaired are under difficult circumstance to have a dream.


within 30 seconds

We developed SENSEE to solve this problem.
SENSEE can convert a text file and braille file for the visually impaired from digital file like eBook within 30 seconds.
And it’s 100% perfect.

Don’t have to wait a long time

The visually impairs don’t have to wait a long time.
Because we have SENSEE.
If we can read a book, the visually impair should also read a book.
The converted braille file can be print out and display using by existing braille printers and braille displays.

This is our thought of ‘Equal Access’.


'SENSEE' is converts digital file E-Book into a text file and a braille file in real time.

Text File

10 seconds

Braille File

30 seconds

Braille book

1 Day

"Disability is only inconvenience, not impossible."

Have you ever imagined that visual impaired person and non-disability person share the same information?
Visually impaired person restricted approach to information, but that does not mean that their curiosity about the world disappears.
They want to know much information about the world in various ways.




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